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Courses I've created:
  • Get Your Point Across: Reacting Thoughtfully in Writing
  • Walk the Talk: Communicating for Success
  • Successful Facilitation of Adult Learning Groups
  • Writing an Effective Desk Research Paper
  • The Outstanding Student's Skill Kit
  • iPad Video Production with Playback
  • Managing Metaphor: A Guide to Understanding English Like a Native Speaker

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Get Your Point Across: Reacting Thoughtfully in Writing
(Not currently available)

Do you find communication challenging — especially ethical, thoughtful communication?

We’re inundated with people’s ideas and opinions every time we go on the Internet or read print media. It’s been found that reaction to these ideas and opinions is often either to simply agree or disagree, and, further, that the strength of disagreement or agreement may well depend on how firmly the reader already holds the ideas or opinions.

This is not very productive, since there is no real communication. Real communication — ethical, thoughtful communication — is dynamic and goes deeper.

Going deeper is what this course — “Get Your Point Across: Reacting Thoughtfully in Writing” — will help you accomplish.

Walk the Talk: Communicating for Success
(Available on Udemy)

And, you'll also find it on CPRFormula, a site that supports professional development for accountants (

There are three main takeaways from Communicating for Success:
  1. A deep understanding of the oral communication process
  2. A deep understanding of how to interpret oral communication events
  3. A deep understanding of how to communicate for positive results

Communicating for Success achieves the course goals through an examination of a number of topics, specifically:
  • The Communication Process
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Empathic Listening
  • Body Language
  • Self-awareness
  • The Johari Window
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Formal Feedback
  • Informal Feedback
  • Checking the Message
  • Open-ended and Closed Questions
  • How Much Information is Enough?
  • Communication Styles
  • Personality Types
  • Intergenerational Communication

A very special part of the course is the extensive developmental activities designed to help you turn your new knowledge into useable skills. Also, you will be encouraged to keep a Communication Journal that will be, among other things, a record of your unique journey to your communication goals.

Writing an Effective Desk Research Paper
(Available on Udemy)

Desk research papers are widely assigned in college and university. This course gives you detailed guidance in creating a first quality desk research paper –– the kind of guidance that you may not get in any of your classes.

The course consists of 39 video lectures, starting with assignment analysis and ending with polishing the final paper. Crucial stages of the paper development process –– such as, for example, developing a narrow topic, writing an effective thesis statement or research question, identifying sources, carrying out targeted research, information analysis, proper citation, peer editing, revision, and rewriting –– are all explained and demonstrated in almost five hours of video. In addition, over 800 pages of supplementary materials are provided for download.

This course is designed for college and university students, but would be an excellent preparatory course for high school students going on to further study –– especially if undertaken with the support of a teacher.

Successful Facilitation of Adult Learning Groups
(Available on Udemy)

Instructing groups of diverse adult learners is a special field –– different in significant ways from instruction in an institutional academic setting. The adult learner brings to the learning situation many strengths, as well as needs, that the instructor must understand and take into account.

A crucial consideration for the instructor is his or her own role, which is vastly different from that of the traditional teacher. This course provides the guidance for the instructor to adapt to the new role.

This course consists of 26 carefully focused video lectures.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Learner diversity
  • Characteristics and needs of adult learners
  • Collaborative learning
  • The instructor as facilitator
  • Problem-based learning
  • Effective group structure and dynamics
  • Effective collaborative tasks
  • The power of formative assessment

The Outstanding Student’s Skill Kit
Available on Udemy)

A study skills course for the college or university student – and high school students planning further studies would certainly find this valuable!

Managing Metaphor: A Guide to Understanding English Like a Native Speaker
Available on Udemy)

This course is designed to give you a special window into the English language. I think you'll see English -- and be able to understand and use English -- in a new way.

The so-called "metaphor as conceptual mapping" explanation of the metaphor-making process is central to the examination of common metaphors throughout the course and will give you a method of interpreting new metaphors as you meet them.

The course begins with a series of videos about some of the "top-level metaphors" that provide the central relationships that control the formation of hundreds of the specific-level metaphors we use daily. The work of George Lakoff is featured in one video. It is a bit theoretical, but helpful in understanding "metaphor as concept-mapping."

To make the conceptual-mapping process clearer, several specific, commonplace metaphors are examined. This section could be almost endless, so the metaphors examined are only a small representation. In the future, additional videos may be added to this section.

The Internet has become a rich focus of metaphors. A section consisting of four videos provides a glimpse of this fertile field and, hopefully, will stimulate a deeper examination of the creative thinking that goes into Internet-related metaphor-making.

The final section examines so-called "orientational metaphors,” those with prepositions at their core. The common pairs "up & down" and "in & out" are used to show both process and variety of basic-level metaphors. This section could contain many, many more videos, and it's possible that more will be added in the future.

Throughout the course, project suggestions are given, with the invitation to share the results with others taking the course. These projects provide the opportunity to practice what has been learned, to extend the learning in a meaningful way, and to contribute to the learning of others.

iPad Video Production with Playback
(Free on Udemy)

Have an iPad? You know, of course, that you can make videos with the built-in cameras. But did you know that you can do even more sophisticated videos? If you're an instructor, then you may want to explore the possibilities when you use the iPad and the video production app Playback (by Liion).

This eight-tutorial course takes you through all the stages to create videos you'll be proud to share.

And, it's free!

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