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Courses I've created:

  • Instructing Multilevel Adult Groups (Successful Facilitation of Adult Learning Groups)
  • Writing an Effective Desk Research Paper
  • The Outstanding Student's Skill Kit
  • Creative Screencasting with Liion's Playback App

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Writing an Effective Desk Research Paper
(Available on Udemy)

Desk research papers are widely assigned in college and university. This course gives you detailed guidance in creating a first quality desk research paper –– the kind of guidance that you may not get in any of your classes.

The course consists of 39 video lectures, starting with assignment analysis and ending with polishing the final paper. Crucial stages of the paper development process –– such as, for example, developing a narrow topic, writing an effective thesis statement or research question, identifying sources, carrying out targeted research, information analysis, proper citation, peer editing, revision, and rewriting –– are all explained and demonstrated in almost five hours of video. In addition, over 800 pages of supplementary materials are provided for download.

This course is designed for college and university students, but would be an excellent preparatory course for high school students going on to further study –– especially if undertaken with the support of a teacher.

Instructing Multilevel Adult Groups

(Available on Udemy)

Instructing groups of diverse adult learners is a special field –– different in significant ways from instruction in an institutional academic setting. The adult learner brings to the learning situation many strengths, as well as needs, that the instructor must understand and take into account.

A crucial consideration for the instructor is his or her own role, which is vastly different from that of the traditional
teacher. This course provides the guidance for the instructor to adapt to the new role.

This course consists of 26 carefully focused video lectures.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Learner diversity
  • Characteristics and needs of adult learners
  • Collaborative learning
  • The instructor as facilitator
  • Problem-based learning
  • Effective group structure and dynamics
  • Effective collaborative tasks
  • The power of formative assessment

You'll also find this course as
Successful Facilitation of Adult Learning Groups on ChalkStreet.

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The Outstanding Student’s Skill Kit
(Currently looking for a home)

A study skills course for the college or university student – and high school students planning further studies would certainly find this valuable!

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Creative Screencasting with Liion's Playback App
(On YouTube)

Have an iPad? You know, of course, that you can make videos with the built-in cameras. But did you know that you can do even more sophisticated videos? If you're an instructor, then you may want to explore the possibilities when you use the iPad and the video production app
Playback (by Liion).

This eight-tutorial course takes you through all the stages to create videos you'll be proud to share.

And, it's

It's also
free on Udemy, where it's titled iPad Video Production with Playback.

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