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Education in this time of social isolation

Parents, Teachers, and Learners:

If you are an at-home learner, or if you are a parent with young family members studying at home because of the Covid—19 crisis, or if you are a teacher distance-teaching now, you may be looking for additional ways to support learning independence.

I have several study skills books that I have been offering digitally on Apple Books. I have changed the prices of the four Apple Books to FREE. All you have to do is download them. These interactive Apple Books work on Apple products (iPad, iPhone, Mac laptop, and Mac desktop with the Books app installed).

I have made PDF versions of two of the books for people who have PCs. These are not interactive, but contain the same information. These two are "Brain Tools: Study Skills for Middle School" and "High Performance Study Skills," for high school and university students. Both of these books, as well as the "Facilitation Guide to Accompany Brain Tools," can be downloaded from the Download Centre on this site.

For direct links to the Apple Books, go here.

I wish you and your in-home learners well during these challenging times.

Please stay safe and look after each other.