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Multi-Dimensional Learning

Frustrated by spending hours studying but not getting the results you want?

Familiar story. All too familiar. And some people never manage to get beyond. Never manage to take it to a higher level.


Because they’re using the wrong study techniques. Simple as that. They look at “studying” as a one-dimensional process.

Which it isn’t. Studying is multi-dimensional. That’s MULTI. And it’s situational––how you study depends on what you’re studying and what you want to get from it. It’s a conscious process––a decision-making process at every step. And it’s got structure.

One of the purposes of this blog is to help you with the skills you need for effective studying. The techniques and organizers I’ll be talking about work individually and in combination. Part of the effectiveness results from the structure imposed on your studies by using techniques and organizers that relate to the structure of the information you want to learn AND to the way your mind organizes information. By bringing these together, you can, quite simply, turn your studies into high performance learning.